Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Bear Garden Podcast - Episode 1

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The first episode of The Bear Garden Podcast with Mike Pernecky and Nick Jones is now available for mass consumption!  Download, listen, and give us any feedback you may have as we want to make this podcast better each time.  God knows we can't get any worse...

Text or leave us a voicemail on our Google Voice line: 708-23-BEAR-1 which is 708-232-3271 or email us:

In our first podcast episode ever (recorded the night of 7/27/2011), here's what we do:

Introduce ourselves, talk about the beers we're drinking during the podcast (Mike's is great, Nick's is the equivalent of urine), discuss the biggest free agent signings and trades now that a labor agreement has been reached, question the Chicago Bears' biggest needs, and get into some other general NFL talk.