Friday, September 23, 2011

Ep 5 - Packer Week!

We review the horrible 30-13 drubbing the Saints put down on the Bears, and look forward to better things to come against the Packers....hopefully.  We announce a potential giveaway for next week as well!
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  1. yo-

    It's going to be a 'shit sunday' this week for somebody.

    Nick Collins' injury hurts the Pack - but Peprah should fill the void.

    DISLIKE the concussion predict on A-Rodg - Not cool. If that happens I hope McMahon gets cancer today and dies.

    When Caleb Haney started making plays in the NFC Championship I started getting worried. Thank God that passed and we beat evil...

    The Packers run offense is getting strong now with Starks and Grant - I predict them to decide the game.

    I looked up Miller-Coors and they did re-locate HQ to Chicago... what a ton of bricks on my Wisconsin heritage...sigh

    The Bears offense can script plays - but the offensive gameplan is dictated by what the opposing defense is doing and what the score is. I don't claim to be an o-coordinator but Martz may have been situationally tied...or not.

    Even though Carimi is hurt he has been playing -the Packers 1st round pick (Derek Sherrod) hasn't broken the starting lineup...

    Bring back singing Mike Pernecky - especially if the Bare's win.

    What is that closing song you ran?

    -A Smith

  2. I also think you should keep rattling the ice cubes during the It lets me know that Nick is thinking.

  3. Comment here about Cutler - I don't agree with it but just posting... i think its about his weaknesses.