Friday, October 14, 2011

Ep 8 - Lions Stinker and Vikings on Sunday Night

Before we delve into the embarassment in Detroit, we talk about The Gallagher brothers from Oasis, adult kickball, chili beer, an old "American favorite" brew, hipsters, lots of text messages to 708-23-BEAR1 about different Bears situations, then we hit the horrible performance by the Bears in Detroit -- trying to find a silver lining (there is none), and we preview the Vikings game.

Oh and Nick was right; hipsters drink PBR, not Schlitz, as evidenced by this "Hipster Trap" I saw on

This podcast was made before the announcement to bench Chris Harris and Brandon Merriweather, so we didn't get into that.  Give us your thoughts on the Bears moves, 708-232-3271 (text or leave a voicemail).

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